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How long before my travel should I apply for a visa?

What other documents, besides the visa application, do I have to submit?

What are the requirements for an invitation letter?

I am not a Russian citizen. Can I apply for a visa online?

Can I receive a visa at the point of entry?

How do I pay for the visa?

I live outside Moscow. How can I apply for a visa?

Do I need a vaccination certificate?

Are there any specific requirements for holders of an alien's passport?

Do all nationalities/persons require a visa?

Do children need a visa?

What other documents besides visa application do I have to submit?

If you are visiting Kenya for seven days or less, what kind of visa do you need?

When is a transit visa required?

Do you need a transit visa if you do not leave the transit zone at the airport while waiting for a connecting flight?

Must an applicant apply for a visa in person?

Does each member of a group/family travelling to Kenya together have to present an individual "proof of intended visit"?

How long beforehand should you apply for a visa?

How long is a visa valid for?

Does the visa endorsement in a passport allow visitors to stay in Kenya?

If you have a valid visitor's pass and visit Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and/or Burundi, then return to Kenya within the validity of the pass, would you need another visa?

Does the embassy refund visas which have not been used, or transfer them to another date?

Do I need a vaccination certificate against yellow fever?

What are the requirements for multiple-entry visa?

NOTICE Those planning to attend 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia may access the Approved Sales Agents of various regions for tickets using the the link below.

We wish to inform that the match tickets will be used to apply for FAN ID's which will be an equivalent of entry visa to the Russian Federation.


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