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03 November 2016 20:37

The Government of Kenya, through the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development is implementing a number of key road projects through the Public Private Partnership (PPP) Model. In this regard, Transaction Advisors were engaged to undertake feasibility studies, prepare tender documents and guide the procurement process. The feasibility studies have been completed and have indeed confirmed that the projects are viable. Tender documents have also been developed and plan to invite Request for Qualification (RFG) in the short term before the end of the year is advanced.

The projects are as follows,

a)​ Build, Operate and Transfer of Nairobi- Mombasa Road (A8) formerly A109

This road is a strategic highway connecting the two largest cities in the country and carrying 95% of freight from the Port of Mombasa. Congestion and Low level of service over the years have translated to slow and expensive transport along the corridor. The project will involve upgrading and capacity expansion of this road to high level of service that will allow higher and safer speeds thereby translating to low cost of transport and efficiency. The project has been planned as 3 distinct packages.

b)​ Build, Operate and Transfer of Nairobi- Nakuru- Mau Summit Road (A8) formerly A104

This road is part of the Northern Corridor and carries westbound freight to the larger East and Central Africa hinterland. The road is currently characterized by congestion, low level of service and poor safety record. This project aims at expanding the capacity of the road to accommodate increasing traffic in a safe and sustainable manner as well as allowing faster speeds and reduced congestion.

c)​ Operate and Maintenance of Nairobi- Thika Road (A2)

Nairobi- Thika Road was rehabilitated and upgraded into a super highway a few years ago by the Government. To maintain high level of service on the road, a private contractor was engaged to maintain the road on performance standards in the interim period, pending concessioning the operation and maintenance for long term under a PPP basis. As one of the most important roads connecting to the Nairobi Central Business District to the populous central region, this project is to undertake minor improvements and operate and maintain the road over the next 20 years undertaking both periodic and routine maintenance.

d)​ Build, Operate and Transfer a 2nd Bridge connecting Mombasa Island and Nyali region.

Connecting between the Island City of Mombasa and the Northern Mainland is only through the existing Old Nyali Bridge, which experiences heavy congestion and the resultant low speed traffic. This causes major traffic congestion not only on the bridge but also on the coastal city itself. The 2nd Bridge project aims at building, operating and then handing over to government a 2nd bridge connecting Nyali and Mombasa. The project will ease congestion on either side of Tudor Creek and help reduce congestion and the resultant huge time wastage, thereby improving the competitiveness of Mombasa and the general wellbeing of the city’s residents.

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