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30 October 2018 19:13

Russian Energy Week, International Specialized Agricultural Machinery Fair - Agrosalon, Zambia’s 54th Independence Day Celebrations, Meeting with Director of Coral Travel Company

Russian Energy Week

cda attends russia energy week

The Charge d’Affaires when she represented Kenya in the Russian Energy Week, 3rd to 6th October, 2018 at the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall. Affordable and clean energy is key in the Big 4 Agenda’s Manufacturing sector.


International Specialized Agricultural Machinery Fair - Agrosalon

at the agro tech

cda at the agrotech

cda during the agrotech exhibition

Charge D’ Affaires, when she attended the “International Specialized Agricultural Machinery Fair- Agrosalon” on Thursday 11th October, 2018. The Embassy continues to reach out to investors to boost Kenya’s Food Security under the Big Four Agenda.


Zambia’s 54th Independence Day Celebrations



CDA - when she joined members of the Diplomatic Corps to celebrate Zambia’s 54th Independence Day at the GlavUpDK’s Cultural Center on 26th October, 2018.


Meeting with Director of Coral Travel Company


CDA  when she met with the director of Coral Travel Company to explore ways to jointly sell Kenya as the Prefered Safari destination.


NOTICEKenyans in the Russian Federation, Republics of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine who have not yet registered with the Embassy should do so at the earliest opportunity.

Russian Scholarships announcement

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